Built on the strong and selfless values of Christianity, The Redeemed of Christ is a Christian foundation for the that helps build churches and provide support for groups of people who are generally not covered by other charities and foundations. We work with people living in prisons, sex workers and those who suffering from addiction. We try to help people find sustainable alternative sources of income that help create a more stable future.

  • We believe everyone deserves a chance to know God
  • We plant churches to help spread the word of God
  • We provide supplies and fund projects to help people rise from poverty
  • We help support underfunded hospitals and clinics
A woman raising her bible in praise

Though we are a Christian foundation, our support is available to all individuals and communities who need help. We also provide support and supplies to non-profit organisations who provide services or support to those in prisons, sex workers and those fighting addiction.

From a community point of view, our mission is to expand and share God’s Word and Christian values across Africa and beyond. All our projects find their roots in the principles of Christianity. We are on a mission to build churches across the Africa and help as many people as possible discover the Word of God.

Meet the Founder

Cynthia Soko is a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in the health and social care sector. She has been an ardent member of the spiritual community, supporting several churches and Christian communities in Africa and the UK. Cynthia has helped many prophets and preachers on their path.

Cynthia has experience managing church construction projects through the foundation. She has helped establish churches in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Cynthia also has years of experience in clinical and leadership roles in the healthcare sector, which motivated her to do something about underfunded hospitals and clinics.

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