Spreading God’s Word

We build churches to spread the Word of God across Africa. We intend to preach generosity through acts of kindness and supporting those who need help getting out of hardships. The Redeemed of Christ believes in spreading the principles of Jesus Christ to all.

  • Church planting across southern Africa and beyond
  • Extend help to the needy and homeless
  • Help people rise above the poverty and hardships
  • Spread Christianity
A preacher saying a prayer

Extending Help to Prisoners, Sex Workers and Beyond

We provide practical support for prisoners across Africa and giving them a chance at redemption. We offer basic personal care products and other necessary items to prisoners.

We also extend our help to women who are working as sex workers and to those who are suffering from addiction. The Redeemed of Christ is working to fund long term projects that will give them viable opportunities to make money and create self-sustenance.

  • Provide an alternative source of living for prisoners after they come out
  • Supply basic necessities to prisoners
  • Help women work as sex workers to make money through small scal farming and manufacturing microbusinesses
  • Fund long-term projects for sustenance
A happy woman working on her micro farm

Serving Underfundend Hospitals

We supply necessary equipment to hospitals that are not funded adequately. Improve healthcare facilities in remote areas of Africa. We intend to provide both clinical equipment as well as IT equipment because a lack of facilities in hospitals is often a big drawback.

  • Provide basic hospital equipment
  • Offer IT equipment needed for operational purposes
  • Improve the treatment facilities in remote hospitals
  • Enhance the standard of healthcare services in Africa
A doctor drawing a blood sample from a young girls arm

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